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August 23, 2011
I have left the, at present, uninspiring world of retail display, or shelf-packing as I would rather call it. I shall henceforth concentrate on my illustrative and cartooning skills, incorporating them into my silkscreening and other venture. This new venture sees me transposing images onto mugs, plates, puzzles, etc. see here for more on that one!

Stuff that's done

September 19, 2010
Updated this place with some silkscreening stuff.
Check out my Window Punk blog, where I try and make sense of what's happening in retail display today.
Downloaded the new Interpol album :-)

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The President Street Pigeon Posse

August 22, 2010
Posted elsewhere.
I think its worthy of blogation here, so:

Early morning, eastern end of President street, you look up, the buildings have a fuzzy edge, they seethe, they coo, careful, you’re in pigeon country.

Suddenly, on cue the walls erupt as thousands of bodies hurl themselves down into President Street. Maybe someone opened a window, rattled a seed bag, murdered their spouse...The mass flicks south on Mooi Street, rising as it turns east into Market, big, small, young, old, black, grey ...
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