Chris Moon

A cornucopia of cartoons

Hi there, welcome to my page, here you'll find examples of my cartooning, logo design and other illustrative work, plus any other things I get up to... 

  I am a fervent doodler, never comfortable without a pencil close at hand in order to capture a moment or thought, a whim or an idea. I have worked on prepared scripts, storylines and storyboards. 

  I have written my own scripts, strip cartoons and single panel pieces. Several childrens books have passed beneath that mighty pencil. I have produced many political and social satiricle cartoons and my caricatures grace many a boardroom or mantle piece. 

Being based in South Africa is a blessing in disguise as the room for political satire is very big indeed!


Previous adventures of Asparaguy here! 

Chris Moon is a freelance Cartoonist interested in Freelance Jobs.


I doodle with music as well, there's some at Soundcloud


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